Spécialiste des compléments alimentaires et cosmétiques bio depuis plus de 40 ans
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Laboratoire PHYTO-ACTIF – 3 Chemin d’Auguste, 33612 Cestas
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Laboratoire Phyto-Actif is belong in to Diafarm Group http://www.diafarm.es/

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Joining laboratoire Phyto-Actif means you will take part in the development of a leading player with 40 years of experience in the food supplements and organic cosmetics industries. Phyto-actif is also a dynamic company built on a human scale, where each individual can develop his own skills through real responsibilities.

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En rejoignant Phyto Actif, que ce soit pour en être client, fournisseur ou collaborateur, vous choisissez plus qu’une action économique. Vous participez à un passionnant projet d’entreprise, entouré d’une équipe extrêmement compétente et engagée au service des consommateurs de produits bio et naturels.

Phyto actif, ce n’est ni des machines, ni des graphiques, ni des murs. Ce sont des femmes et des hommes passionnés de beauté, de bien-être et de nature. Chaque membre de l’équipe vit dans son quotidien les valeurs de la société, empreintes d’exigence, de bienveillance et d’ambition. C’est cette implication que nous apportons chaque jour au développement de nos marques de compléments alimentaires, cosmétiques, alimentation fonctionnelle, etc… Découvrez Phyto Actif et engagez-vous avec nous.




Au cœur de la mêlée, tissant sa toile et organisant ses infrastructures, le service IT relie les forces vives du laboratoire afin de répondre aux nécessités du quotidien et de l’avenir. Il est le centre opérationnel et la mémoire de la société.


During the development phase of formulas, partnerships are established to choose raw materials which fulfill our requirements, like the origin of the raw material, the tests conducted and the processes used. Developments go through a Statutory and quality control to verify that all products comply with the regulations in force and are in agreement with our internal procedures.

service client3

For 40 years, our mission has remained the same : customer satisfaction is a priority! We listen, we give real advice, and we serve our customers with a great deal of enthusiasm, whether they are private individuals, therapists, beauticians, or pharmacies, foreign diet food stores or partner stores!
Then, do not hesitate any more: call us!


At the heart of the organization, the IT department connects the key actors of the laboratory and addresses all actual and future needs. It is the operational center of the firm and its memory.


Human resources play an important role at Phyto-Actif laboratory. We make sure the staff is informed and trained to guarantee the performance of the company. We also make sure Labor Regulations are respected.


The accounting department assures the transactions on customer and suppliers accounts. We control the good agreement between the delivery and the charged operations. We also insure the good progress of payments on these accounts and make various tax returns. All this, in perfect harmony with external partners.


The ongoing objectives of the purchasing and logistics department are to optimize the quality and reliability of our products and services. That is why we are eager to build trust with our suppliers, while focusing on skills and dialogue.


true core of the Laboratory, the Sales administration department works every day in coordination with all the other departments and offers advice and support to the sales teams in the field. Our golden rule: offer the best of Phyto-Actif to our customers.
What characterizes us? We are a cohesive dynamic team, smiling and always in a good mood !
Accueil Laboratory Human Resources



Sales, R&D, Marketing, Purchasing… so many passionate people who have been contributing to the success of laboratoire Phyto-Actif for several years.


By joining us you will participate in the development of a 40-year old experienced and recognized stakeholder in the food supplement and cosmetic industry.

Accueil Laboratory Commitment Cosmebio / Synadiet



In the early 2000s, lots of products claimed to be « natural ». In the face of such a situation, a group of cosmetics manufacturers, already committed to natural and organic cosmetics, decided to create a label: “Cosmébio”.

Already committed for many years, Paltz laboratory contributed to the birth of Cosmébio label in France. It then transferred all of its know-how to Phyto-Actif when they merged.

Created in 2002 by several laboratories who partnered and committed to the development of ethical cosmetics, Cosmebio is a label with highly demanding specifications submitted to the Department of Industry in order to ensure true natural cosmetics for the customer.

This standard defines in a strict, transparent way and without ambiguity “Ecological and organic cosmetic” and guide the consumer towards authentic natural and organic products.


There are less raw materials in our products than in synthesis cosmetics. Moreover, the ecological and organic-certified natural products do not use hydrocarbons (by-products of oil) because it would not comply with an ecological approach and it is unhealthy for the skin. This is why our raw materials are essentially plant-based and as much as possible from organic farming in a continuous approach of respect and environmental protection.


No preservatives of the parabens family are used in our products. They are replaced by essential oils and preservatives meeting Ecovert standards and chosen for their non-toxicity and low impact on the environment.


95% minimum of natural ingredients,
10% minimum of the total of ingredients certified BIO.

In our cosmetics brands Esenka and Bioregena, all our products contain on average of:


We are members of Synadiet, the National Labor Syndicate for Food supplements. The laboratory is committed, through the ” Quality charter of Food Complements ” and the ” Reference table Quality “, to provide consumers with food supplements which meet their expectations in terms of efficiency, safety and quality while informing customers properly so that they may choose the right product for them.

Accueil Laboratory Our History Our know-how



Natural and organic food supplements, organic cosmetics, functional food and natural protections: throughout the years, we have developed a real know-how to be able to bring you everyday natural, organic and effective answers for your health, your beauty and your wellness.
Everyday, we look for the perfect balance between environmental ethics and economic coherence to offer products always more powerful and more innovative which also provide an effective and targeted response to a specific need.

Phyto-Actif’s know-how comes in 4 fields via brands produced within the laboratory in Cestas and 6 brands distributed by the laboratory.

Accueil Laboratory Our History Our values



Our desire is to be at the forefront of innovation, to continuously search for new natural ingredients, new associations and new galenic forms so that we may always fulfill your expectations.

In 2007, we received the innovation price for Acerola Start 1000 at the Natexpo Trophies.

In 2016, our Esenka serum, Pur Prodige, is nominated in Trophées COSMEBIO ® 2016 de l’excellence Cosmétique. On top of that, 38 of our Esenka cosmetics are recommended by L’Observatoire des cosmétiques.


The brands produced by laboratoire Phyto-Actif are made in France with natural ingredients (plant-based oils, essential oils, extracts from vegetables …), all derived from organic farming. Our products do not contain parabens, PEG, silicone, colouring agents, GMOs, artificial aroma or aluminium salts. We are committed to distribute brands which share values similar values in terms of naturalness and efficiency.


For more than 20 years, by offering organic and natural products, we have been using the best Nature has to offer for your health, your beauty and your wellness. We use all of our know-how to create products with the best natural ingredients, which are innovative and have highly concentrated formulas. Our commitment is obvious and we are acknowledged everyday by all as a brand who offers natural solutions but, also and most importantly, very effective products.


High-quality product positioning and a real expertise in healthcare for further efficiency.
25 years of experience in food supplements: we are a key player in organic and diet food stores in France.
40 years of experience in natural and organic cosmetics and essential oil: we are the oldest French expert in organic cosmetics in Japan, in Hong-Kong and in Taiwan.


The satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our company. Our teams are constantly ready to develop products that provide the best solutions to your needs and expectatations, at each stage of your life. Our products are also regularly tested for efficiency and customer satisfaction by independent laboratories.

Accueil Laboratory Our History OUR KEY DATES




Since its creation, laboratoire Phyto-Actif has remained the only French laboratory to market a natural vitamin C. ” The small yellow box “, ACEROLA PLUS 500 which contains 500 mg of vitamin C. It has been a success and remains a true reference on our market.



Phyto-Actif laboratory merges with Paltz laboratory, a specialist in cosmetics with essential oils. Paltz laboratory was created more than 40 years ago under the name of Jacques PALTZ, an aromatherapist and passionate naturopath who was fascinated by the virtues of essential oils.



Phyto-actif launches ORGANIC ACEROLA 500, the 1st organic-certified vitamin C in France.
This year, it joined other laboratories to create the label COSMEBIO, which sets the basis for ecological cosmetic and aims at gearing consumers towards biological and authentic natural products.



Phyto-actif develops ACEROLA START 1000, an innovative association of vitamin and 100 % Organic fibers (2007 innovation price during Natexpo Trophies). It is also the first to produce an organic deodorant with 24h efficiency supported by clinical trials, a product that is still recommended today by l’Observatoire des cosmétiques.



The laboratory launches PROBIOTIL, the first organic probiotic meant to be used by the whole family and certified AB. In the same year, Phyto-actif launches Esenka, the 1st brand of organic-certified cosmetics with essential oils and made in France, with a proven track record for its efficiency and high concentrations of organic ingredients.



Every year, Phyto-Actif develops its line of Acerola food supplements to meet everyone’s expectations and specific needs: organic acérola without maltodextrine, acérola Start, acérola zero, acérola 100 % fruit … In 2009, the laboratory offers the most complete line of Acerola available on the market.



Phyto-Actif merges with the Spanish pharmaceutical company DIAFARM, a specialist in natural solutions for health and wellness. By believing in innovation and the development of its own brands, as well as its international expansion, Diafarm is now present in Spain, in Portugal and in France, and in various European countries with local distributors.



Following the fusion with Diafarm laboratory, Phyto-Actif developed its activities, particularly in Spain and in Portugal, where the demand for food supplement is quickly growing. Phyto-Actif laboratory is now present in several countries.



Phyto-Actif begins the distribution of the Dutch brand NatureCrop’s in France. NatureCrop’s offers a complete range of Quinoa-based premium products which are 100% organic, gluten free and based on seeds of exceptional quality.

Accueil Laboratory Our History



Since its creation in 1992, Phyto-Actif laboratory never stopped innovating and has continued to offer Nature’s best to everyone.


Innovation, naturalness, expertise, performance and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our daily concerns.


We developed a real know-how in food supplement, organic cosmetics, nutrition and protections.

Accueil Laboratory




  • A laboratory founded in 1992 and located in the heart of the Southwest of France, in Cestas near Bordeaux.
  • A key player in the manufacturing of natural and organic cosmetics and food supplements in France.
  • The first laboratory to market a natural Vitamin C in France with its “small yellow box ” of Acérola Plus 500.
  • 40 years of experience in natural and organic cosmetics and essential oils based on the know-how of the Laboratory Paltz.
  • 25 years of experience in food supplements.
  • Merged with the Spanish laboratory Diafarm, the specialist in natural solutions for health and wellness.
  • Distributed in pharmacies and drugstores, also known internationally.
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French quality
Daily performance
Continuous innovation
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Compliant with Law No. 78 -17 of January 6, 1978 on computing, files and personal information, you have rights of opposition (art. 26l), access (art. 34 to 38) and rectification (art. 36) of any data that might be of concern to you.

Accueil Our Brands Protection Nyda

Nyda products eradicate lice, larvae and nits in one single application. Their insecticide-free natural formula formulated with dimethicone is harmless and effectively asphyxyates lice and nits in less than a minute.
Thanks to their innovative formula against lice, Nyda even makes it easy to comb long hair. Moreover, thanks to an easy application, pleasant fragrance and a very good tolerance, the spray is suitable for the whole family and children from two years old.
The anti-lice Nyda products have nothing in common with other treatments: they are pesticide-free, easy to apply and safe for your child.
Nyda offers 3 products to effectively remove lice and nits: Nyda anti-lice spray, Nyda anti-lice Ultra and its integrated applicator, ergonomic lice and nits comb.

Nyda products are available in pharmacies.

Accueil Our Brands Protection Mousticare

An essential and effective solution against mosquitoes and other insects.
MoustiCare® offers a range of natural repellents with proven efficiency exclusively formulated with purified extracts made from Eucalyptus citriodora (PMDRBO) and Cymbopogon (geraniol)., MoustiCare® products are non-toxic, contain no alcohol and no gas and protect effectively against mosquitoes (including tiger mosquito and Zika virus) and other European and tropical insects. The MoustiCare® range is suitable for the whole family.
The wide range of MoustiCare® natural products can treat, protect and relieve the entire family and your home safely and in all circumstances thanks to their practical and portable formats.

– PROTECT : I protect my skin and my clothes from mosquitoes and other insects with anti-mosquito sprays, bracelets, roll-on and wipes.

– TREAT : I treat my house and my garden to repel and eliminate larvae, mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to the anti-larval and anti-mosquito concentrate, the room spray and the anti-mosquito diffuser softly scented with a summer fragrance.

– RELIEF : I quickly relieve insect and plant bites thanks to the after-bite roll-on formulated with organic essential oils known and recommended for their calming, soothing, antiseptic and softening effects.

MoustiCare® products are available in pharmacies, drugstores, organic shops and on http://www.esenka.fr/uk/

Accueil Our Brands Nutrition Naturecrops

Naturecrops offers the widest range of Quinoa products that are 100% organic and with limited calorie intake. The quinoa offered in NatureCrops is of premium quality thanks to a grain of exceptional quality, rigorously selected, and thanks to a comprehensive cleaning process which removes all traces of saponin. NatureCrops controls its quinoa production process from “farm to fork”.

NatureCrops’ quinoa is…

  • 100% Organic
  • Rich in valuable proteins
  • Rich in dietary fibers
  • Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • With a low glycemic index
  • gluten-free
  • A super food

At any time of of the day, taste the flavors of quinoa:

Pure Quinoa : Quinoa seeds, flakes or puffs, from breakfast to dinner, vary your diet by incorporating this super-cereal to your menus, add a food that is high in protein and fiber in all your meals.

Quinoa Bars : strawberry and chocolate flavor, almonds and sesame or almond and dark chocolate, succumb to the delicious gluten-free and 100% organic crispy quinoa bars.

Quinoa instant soups : for an healthy and delicious lunch or a quick dinner, try the organic instant quinoa and vegetable soups. They are low in salt but full of flavor.

And for succulent recipes with quinoa, visit : http://www.naturecrops.be/fr/recettes-de-quinoa/

NatureCrops products are available in organic and dietetic shops.

Accueil Our Brands Nutrition Siken

SIKEN® FORM, is a reference in protein diets. It offers people who want to lose weight or who just want to maintain their nutritional well-being specific solutions that meet the needs of the greatest number of people.
The dietline® method was specifically developed to help you lose or maintain your weight. It is a nutritional program based on the combination of preparations rich in proteins in combination with a varied and balanced diet. By following the dietline® method, not only will you gradually develop good eating habits, but this diet will also be a pleasure to follow.

SIKEN® TIME To stay fit on a daily basis, Siken offers a wide range of sweet and savory snacks to complete SikenTime products. Healthy and convenient, you can consume them throughout the day.

SIKEN® 100% VEGETABLE PROTEIN, a wide range of drinks, smoothies and vegetable bars rich in100% vegetable protein, fiber, low in sugar for a balanced vegan diet every day.
Siken Vegetal drinks and snacks are based on pea and rice proteins and are a concentrate of super-foods (quinoa, hemp, spirulina). They contains the bare essentials: they are dairy-free, free from soy-based ingredients or gluten and contain vegetables, fruits, cereals and seeds which were carefully selected.

SIKEN® FORM and SIKEN® 100% VEGETABLE PROTEIN products are available in pharmacies and on www.dietskn.com

Accueil Our Brands Cosmetics Bioregena

Bioregena organic care was born from our wish to offer the whole family care that is both effective while respecting nature!

Highly concentrated in active ingredients and natural plant extracts, Bioregena organic-certified care meets the needs of the whole family. They provide everyone with protection against daily aggressions and contribute to maintaining their well-being. Their efficiency has been acclaimed by professionals for over 30 years!

All Bioregena care combine excellence with high-quality natural and organic ingredients:

Body hygiene :Celebrate your body with organic and natural skincare. Will it be organic shower gels, organic toothpastes or organic deodorants, let nature complete your morning routine with Bioregena!

Well being : Take care of yourself and of your body with organic and natural skin care with proven efficacy. By promoting blood circulation, relaxing your body or protecting your hands and feets: Bioregena essential oils body care provide an organic answer to all your needs.

Sun protection : Enjoy a safe and natural tan with Bioregena suncare products for face and body! Discover all our organic sun care line, our after-sun products to soothe your skin and our organic self-tanning for a nice tan without sun!

Bioregena products are available in organic shops and on http://www.esenka.fr/uk/

Accueil Our Brands Health Arnidol

Arnidol offers a range of magical sticks to moms, intended to kids from 3 years old and children. Easy to apply and to carry around thanks to their innovative packaging, Arnidol sticks are a natural and effective response to pain and they protect the little ones on a daily basis.

Arnidol includes 3 magic sticks with natural Arnica based formula:

Arnidol gel stick : a stick with a natural Arnica and Harpagophytum based formula, known for their soothing properties. Arnidol gel stick cools, soothes and relieves your child’s bruises, bumps and minor injuries from everyday life while giving them a nice feeling of well-being.

Arnidol Sun : a stick that combines a mixture of arnica flowers and shea butter with mineral sunscreens which act as an immediate barrier and are not absorbed by the skin. It protects and hydrate the sensitive skins of children while providing them with an excellent protection against UVA and UVB.

Arnidol Pic : a magic roll-on that combines arnica flowers with 6 other natural active ingredients such as Boswellia serrata resin and mineral Calamine to provide immediate relief to the skin of the child after a mosquitoes bite or other insects bites.

Arnidol products are available in pharmacies, drugstores and organic shops.

Accueil Our Brands Health Gelo

Natural care with proven efficacy from Pohl Boskamp’s laboratory are intended to clear out airways, treat nasal mucosa and effectively protect the throat .

GeloMuc : a 100% mechanic device to clear the airways.
A respiratory therapy device which clear the respiratory tract and destroys resistant bronchial mucus to relieve pain and to open up the airways. GeloMuc is intended to mobilize compact mucus for patients suffering from chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. Its efficiency has been validated by specialists (medical device).

GeloVox : The 1st film hydrogel against hoarsenesses and the losses of voice

Lozenges with a cherry and menthol taste which effectively protect the throat and its irritated mucous in case of hoarseness, tingling in the throat, need to cough, or sore throat. GeloVox contains a specific hydrogel complex which protects all the irritated areas of the mucosa by forming a protective film.

GeloSitin : The first oil to help moisten the nasal mucosa.
A nasal care with sesame, orange and lemon oils that treats and prevents nasal irritation for prolonged rehydration of the dry and irritated nasal mucosa in any season.

Gelo products are available in pharmacies and drugstores.

Accueil Our Brands Health Phyto-Actif

With over 25 years of expertise, Phyto-Actif offers a complete range of completely natural and organic food supplements and drinks, made in France, to provide you the most accurate and effective response to preserve and maintain your health and well-being everyday.
Rigorously selected plants and essential oils are used to formulate our food supplements. Their 100% natural and powerful molecules act in synch with the physiology of the human body.
Phyto-Actif natural and organic food supplements have gradually become key references in organic and dietetic shops.


Phyto-Actif helps you recharge your batteries and boost your vitality all year long thanks to the largest range of organic Acerola on the market. Laboratoire Phyto-Actif was the first one to market a vitamin C from natural origin in France with its product Acérola Plus 500. With 500mg of vitamin C and a delicious taste of red fruits “the small yellow box” has become a must in organic and dietetic food stores.


Natural and organic food supplements coupled with a healthy lifestyle are the boost which will help you restore your vitality and serenity and optimize your well-being despite a modern lifestyle and diet (Digestion, transit, menstrual cycle, serenity, memory).
Phyto Actif offers natural and organic efficient solutions to preserve and maintain your well-being.


70% of our natural defenses are located in our intestinal flora. The flora acts as a preliminary barrier against external aggressions. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms which colonize the intestinal and vaginal flora. Probiotics play an essential role for our health and are the primary barriers of immune defense. Strengthen your intestinal and general well-being with Probiotil probiotics and prebiotics.
Stimulate your natural defenses as well thanks to Bactéar, our 100% natural solution formulated with vegetable oils and essential oils.


Increase your resistance and vitality with the amazing power of our Ecocert Contrôle certified Spirulina and Chlorella and boast your immune system.
Phyto-Actif Chlorella and Spirulina, one of the highest concentration in phycociane, contain a large number of phytovitamins and phytonutrients such as beta carotene and vitamin B12 which contribute to the reduction of fatigue and help the normal function of the immune system. They are also a good supplement for people who work out, vegetarians and the elderly thanks to their rich vegetable protein content (+ than 60%).


Circulatory and joint disorders? Muscular pain? Thanks to essential oils and plant extracts, discover natural solutions to fight against these discomforts and move freely again. Try red wine phials against circulatory disorders: rich in flavonoids, they contribute to protect blood vessels and stimulateblood circulation which improve venous return. try Harpagophytum and Meadowsweet phials and Ostear products against joint disorders and improve your flexibility and agility !


Discover Fresh By Nature, a range of refreshing organic beverages with birch sap that are full of antioxidants and rich in iron and vitamin C for an intense hydration and an extra punch for the body.

Birch sap is harvested every year in Spring. This natural nectar, which is hydrating and rich in minerals and bio available trace elements has exceptional properties for the body. Birch sap is known for its diuretic and draining properties that improve the functions of elimination and regenerates and revitalizes the body.

Phyto-Actif products are available in pharmacies, drugstores, organic shops and on http://www.phyto-actif.com/en/

Accueil Our Brands Protection


A complete range of natural and non-toxic repellents against mosquitoes, flies, wasps and others insects.

Treatments free of insecticides with proven efficacy to get rid of head lice and nits.

Accueil Our Brands Nutrition


Tasty and high-protein meal substitutes and snacks to lose a few pounds or to maintain your weight.

A complete range of 100% organic and premium quinoa products made from a top quality seed.

Accueil Our Brands Cosmetics


A large range of high-performance skincare with essential oils, organic certified and made in France, at the service of your beauty.

Natural and organic care hygiene products and sun care products to protect the whole family from daily aggressions.

100% natural essential oils through a large range of ready-to-use pure essential oils, compounds and perfumes.

Accueil Our Brands Health


A complete range of made-in-France natural and organic highly effective food supplements, at the service of your health and well-being.

The arnica-based natural magic sticks against bumps and bruises, insect bites and UV radiations for kids and babies.

Natural care with proven efficacy to clear out, treat and protect the airways.

Accueil Our Brands


Laboratoire PHYTO-ACTIF includes 10 brands of natural and organic products in 4 fields of activity: health, cosmetics, nutrition and protection, available in diet shops, organic shops, pharmacies and drugstores. Natural and organic food supplements, essential oils, natural and organic cosmetics, hygiene, health functional food, , sun protection, insect repellents… we put all our expertise at the service of your health, beauty and well-being in order to offer you the most natural and effective products.

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Vous êtes un particulier ou un professionnel et vous souhaitez recevoir nos catalogues ? Laissez-nous vos coordonnées ci-dessous et nous vous l’enverrons par courrier postal au plus vite.


Catalogue beauté 2018

Authentique par nature, efficace sur mesure !


De la santé à la beauté NATURELLEMENT

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Accueil Le laboratoire Ressources humaines Offres d’emploi ANIMATEUR DES VENTES (H/F) – CDI


Entreprise : PHYTO-ACTIF

Localisation : Sud de la France

Contrat : CDI

Salaire : A définir


Société bordelaise de 40 personnes créée en 1992, Phyto Actif (6.2 Mns € de chiffre d’affaires en 2017) est un acteur historique des produits bio et naturels, à travers ses gammes de compléments alimentaires et cosmétiques présents dans la plupart des points de ventes diététiques de France. En rejoignant en 2015 le Groupe Diafarm (Espagne), Phyto Actif a accéléré son développement en France et à l’international, en ajoutant plusieurs gammes à son portefeuille, notamment, en alimentation fonctionnelle et en dispositifs médicaux, contribuant ainsi à son entrée sur le marché de la pharmacie et de la parapharmacie.

Structure à l’esprit entrepreneurial, flexible et créative, Phyto-actif souhaite recruter un(e) Animateur/Animatrice des Ventes.

Rattachement : Chef Régional des Ventes pour le Sud de la France.

Responsabilités : Rattaché au Chef Régional des Ventes pour le Sud de la France, vous représentez nos différentes marques auprès d’une clientèle composée de réseaux de magasins spécialisés bio, de pharmacies et parapharmacie:
Vos missions principales seront notamment de :
• Visiter un portefeuille de clients sélectionnés, afin d’y actionner tous les leviers de développement des ventes (formation, information, animation, mise en place des promotions et dispositifs de vente (PLV, ILV, Produits de démonstration, mobilier, etc.) etc…) Votre performance est suivie à travers les sell-outs.
• Influencer le référencement de nouveaux produits, suggérer des mises en avants ponctuelles ou permanentes, veiller à nos espaces pour mieux les développer.
• Développer et entretenir une relation de confiance avec les responsables de magasins.
• Participer à l’élaboration de la politique commerciale en fournissant à la direction les éléments quantitatifs et qualitatifs (reporting, concurrence, besoins et attentes des points de vente, des consommateurs, etc…)

Profil :
• De formation Bac +2 minimum, vous disposez d’au moins 2 ans d’expérience en vente sur le terrain, de préférence sur des réseaux de distribution spécialisés. Une formation en naturopathie est un plus.
• Bon(ne) négociateur(trice), réactif, vous avez un très grand sens de l’organisation, un contact immédiat et chaleureux, et de très bonnes qualités commerciales.

Localisation du poste : Région Sud idéalement sur Lyon (home office), prévoir des déplacements ponctuels sur toute la Région du Sud de la France (50% découchage).
Voiture de fonction.


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Accueil Our responsible and sustainable commitments



Since its creation, Phyto-Actif has been commited to an approach of respect and conservation with nature, men and animals. This commitment is shown in the numerous labels known by all.


Our products are AB certified: a label for products cultivated or transformed in France, from organic farming and in line with the European legislation.


By choosing, above all, raw materials from organic farming, we support a mode of production which respects the environment and protects nature.


Tested for safety and efficiency
Our formula is safe and verified, and its efficiency is tested by an independent laboratory.


Our products are produced with recyclable materials as much as possible. We respect nature.


We prefer ecological materials for the preparation of our parcel and our communication and we use papers and boxes stemming from the sustainable management of forests.


Our products are certified BIO by ECOCERT GREENLIFE* or QUALITY FRANCE *, an independent organism and approved by the involved departments.
*http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com http://www.qualite-france.com/


Not tested on animals We love our animals that is why neither our raw materials nor our finished products are tested on animals.


The traceability of our ingredients and formulas are entirely legible on each label.

sans parabenes

Without parabène
But also without phénoxyéthanol, without silicone, without mineral oil, or PEG.


Committed for the renewable energies, we chose an electricity source of renewable origin.
Accueil Le laboratoire Nos engagements responsables et durables Engagements



Depuis sa création, le Laboratoire Phyto-Actif s’engage dans une démarche de respect et de préservation de la nature, de l’homme et des animaux. Cet engagement est attesté par de nombreux labels reconnus de tous.


Nos produits sont certifiés AB: il s’agit de labels apposés sur les produits cultivés ou transformés en France, issus de l’Agriculture Biologique et conformes à la législation européenne.


En choisissant en priorité des matières premières issues de l’Agriculture Biologique, nous soutenons un mode de production qui respecte l’environnement et préserve la nature.


Tests d’innocuité et d’efficacité
L’innocuité de nos formules est vérifiée, et leur efficacité testée par un laboratoire indépendant.


Nos produits sont au maximum conçus en matériaux recyclables. Nous participons ainsi au respect de la nature.


Nous privilégions les matériaux écologiques pour la confection de nos colis et notre communication et utilisons des papiers et cartons issus de la gestion durable des forêts.


Nos produits sont certifiés BIO par ECOCERT GREENLIFE* ou QUALITE FRANCE*, organismes indépendants et agréés par les ministères concernés.
*http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com http://www.qualite-france.com/


Nous aimons nos amis les bêtes c’est pourquoi, ni nos matières premières, ni nos produits finis ne sont testés sur les animaux et ne contiennent aucun ingrédient d’origine animale.


Traçabilité de nos ingrédients et composition intégralement lisibles sur chaque étiquette.

sans parabenes

Sans parabène
Mais aussi sans phénoxyéthanol, sans silicone, sans huile minérale, ni PEG.


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Engagés pour les énergies renouvelables, nous avons choisi une électricité d’origine renouvelable.
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More than 40 years of experience for your well-being!

Look for the best of the nature

Natural innovation

Soft and effective solutions…


Forerunner in the manufacturing of natural and biological products, we are specialized in the field of food supplement, biological cosmetic, functional food and natural protection.
Today, although we know an exponential growth, we remain nevertheless faithful to our values and our commitments to the nature: bring to our customers best of nature and supply an effective answer to their health and well-being.


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Laboratoire Phyto-Actif

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Dès sa création, le laboratoire Phyto-Actif est le premier en France à commercialiser une vitamine C naturelle. « La petite boite jaune », L’ACEROLA PLUS 500 dosée à 500 mg de vitamine C, sera un succès et reste aujourd’hui encore une véritable référence sur notre marché.



Le Laboratoire Phyto-Actif fusionne avec le laboratoire Paltz, un spécialiste des cosmétiques à base d’huiles essentielles. Le Laboratoire Paltz a été créé il y a plus de 40 ans sous le nom de Jacques PALTZ, un aromathérapeute et naturopathe passionné et fasciné par les vertus des huiles essentielles.



Phyto-actif lance ACEROLA BIO 500, la 1ère vitamine C certifiée BIO en France.
Cette année-là, il rejoint d’autres laboratoires dans la création du label COSMEBIO, qui posera les bases de la cosmétique écologique et qui vise à orienter les consommateurs vers des produits naturels biologiques et authentiques.



Phyto-actif développe ACEROLA START 1000, association innovante de vitamine et de fibres 100% Bio dans un 1 carré moelleux (prix de l’innovation 2007 lors des Trophées Natexpo). Il est également le premier à produire un déodorant bio à l’efficacité 24h prouvée par étude clinique, produit toujours recommandé par l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques.



Le laboratoire lance PROBIOTIL, le premier probiotique bio destiné à toute la famille et certifié AB. Cette même année, Phyto-actif lance la marque Esenka, la 1ère marque de cosmétiques aux huiles essentielles certifiée bio et fabriquée en France, à l’efficacité prouvée et hautement dosée en ingrédients bio.



Tous les ans, Phyto-Actif élargit sa gamme de compléments alimentaires à l’Acerola afin de répondre au mieux aux attentes et aux besoins spécifiques de chacun : acérola bio sans maltodextrine, acérola Start en carré moelleux, acérola zéro, acérola 100% fruit… En 2009, le laboratoire propose la gamme d’Acerola la plus complète du marché.



Phyto-Actif fusionne avec le laboratoire pharmaceutique espagnol DIAFARM, spécialiste des solutions naturelles pour la santé et le bien-être. En pariant sur l’innovation et le développement de marques propres, ainsi que par l’expansion internationale, Diafarm est présent en Espagne, au Portugal et en France, et dans différents pays européens avec des distributeurs locaux.



Suite à la fusion avec le laboratoire Diafarm, Phyto-Actif développe aujourd’hui ses activités notamment en Espagne et au Portugal, où la demande en parapharmacie et compléments alimentaires se trouve en pleine expansion. Le laboratoire Phyto-Actif est désormais présent à l’international dans de nombreux pays.



Phyto-actif débute la distribution de la marque hollandaise NatureCrops en France. NatureCrops propose une gamme complète de produits premium à base de Quinoa 100% bio, 0% gluten et d’un grain d’une qualité exceptionnelle.

Accueil Le laboratoire Notre histoire Nos valeurs


Les valeurs du Laboratoire Phyto-Actif sont naturelles et durables. Elles définissent sa culture et son identité depuis sa création. Le laboratoire s’appuie sur des valeurs comme la naturalité, l’innovation, l’expertise, la performance et la satisfaction client.


Notre volonté est d’être à la pointe de l’innovation, sans cesse à la recherche de nouveaux actifs naturels, de nouvelles associations et de nouvelles formes galéniques afin de répondre toujours au mieux à vos attentes.
En 2007, nous avons reçu le Prix de l’innovation pour Acerola Start 1000 lors des Trophées Natexpo.
En 2016, notre sérum Esenka, Pur Prodige est nominé aux Trophées COSMEBIO® 2016 de l’Excellence Cosmétique. De plus, 38 de nos cosmétiques Esenka sont recommandés par Les experts de L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques.


Les marques produites par le laboratoire Phyto-actif sont fabriquées en France avec des ingrédients naturels (huiles végétales, huiles essentielles, extraits de végétaux…), issus de l’Agriculture Biologique. Nos produits sont sans parabène, ni PEG, sans silicone, sans colorant, sans OGM, sans arôme artificiel et sans sels d’aluminium.
Nous nous engageons à distribuer des marques qui partagent des valeurs proches des nôtres en termes de naturalité et d’efficacité.


Depuis plus de 20 ans, nous utilisons ce que la nature a de meilleur pour votre santé, votre beauté et votre bien-être en vous proposant des produits bio et naturels. Nous mettons en œuvre tout notre savoir-faire afin de vous offrir des produits contenants les meilleurs ingrédients naturels possibles ainsi que des formulations innovantes et hautement dosées. Notre engagement se traduit au quotidien à travers des marques reconnues par tous dans leurs domaines et qui offrent des solutions naturelles, mais surtout très efficaces.


Un positionnement produit de haute qualité et une réelle expertise dans le soin pour toujours plus d’efficacité.
25 ans d’expérience dans les compléments alimentaires : nous faisons partie des marques incontournables en magasins bio et diététiques en France.
40 ans d’expérience dans les cosmétiques naturels, bio et les huiles essentielles : nous sommes le plus ancien expert en cosmétique biologique française au Japon, à Hong Kong et à Taiwan qui reconnaissent notre savoir-faire.


Nous plaçons la satisfaction de nos clients, qu’ils soient distributeurs ou consommateurs au cœur de notre entreprise. Nos équipes sont continuellement à votre écoute afin de développer des produits répondants au mieux à vos attentes et vos besoins à tous les stades de votre vie. Nous soumettons également régulièrement nos produits à des tests d’efficacité et de satisfaction en laboratoires indépendants.

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Un choix abondant
Une qualité française
Une performance au quotidien
Une innovation permanente
Des outils d’aide à la vente performants


Je souhaite recevoir des informations sur le laboratoire Phyto-Actif :

En application de la loi n° 78 -17 du 06 Janvier 1978 relative à l’informatique et aux libertés, vous disposez des droits d’opposition (art 26), d’accès (art. 34 à 38) et de rectification (art.36) des donnés vous concernant.

Accueil Actualités


Découvrez toutes nos nouveautés et actualités.

Feuilletez sans plus attendre nos catalogues beauté et santé.

Accueil Nos marques


Le laboratoire PHYTO-ACTIF c’est 10 marques de produits bio et naturels dans 4 domaines d’activité : santé, cosmétique, nutrition et protection, disponibles en magasins bio et diététiques, pharmacies et parapharmacies.
Compléments alimentaires naturels et bio, huiles essentielles, cosmétiques naturels et bio, hygiène, alimentation fonctionnelle, protections solaires, protections anti-moustiques… nous mettons toute son expertise au service de votre santé, de votre beauté et de votre bien-être afin de vous proposer des produits les plus naturels et efficaces possibles.

Accueil Le laboratoire




  • Un laboratoire fondé en 1992 et situé au cœur du Sud-Ouest de la France, à Cestas près de Bordeaux.
  • Précurseur dans la fabrication de compléments alimentaires et cosmétiques naturels et bio en France.
  • Le premier laboratoire à commercialiser de la Vitamine C naturelle en France avec sa « petite boîte jaune » d’Acérola Plus 500.
  • 40 ans d’expérience dans les cosmétiques naturels, certifiés bio et les huiles essentielles issue du savoir-faire du Laboratoire Paltz.
  • 25 ans d’expérience dans les compléments alimentaires.
  • Fusion avec le laboratoire espagnol Diafarm, spécialiste dans les solutions naturelles pour la santé.
  • Un développement dans les pharmacies et parapharmacies ainsi qu’à l’international
Accueil Actualités Nouveautés / Actualités


Découvrez nos dernières actualités ainsi que nos produits et nouveautés !

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