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Natural care with proven efficacy from Pohl Boskamp’s laboratory are intended to clear out airways, treat nasal mucosa and effectively protect the throat .

GeloMuc : a 100% mechanic device to clear the airways.
A respiratory therapy device which clear the respiratory tract and destroys resistant bronchial mucus to relieve pain and to open up the airways. GeloMuc is intended to mobilize compact mucus for patients suffering from chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. Its efficiency has been validated by specialists (medical device).

GeloVox : The 1st film hydrogel against hoarsenesses and the losses of voice

Lozenges with a cherry and menthol taste which effectively protect the throat and its irritated mucous in case of hoarseness, tingling in the throat, need to cough, or sore throat. GeloVox contains a specific hydrogel complex which protects all the irritated areas of the mucosa by forming a protective film.

GeloSitin : The first oil to help moisten the nasal mucosa.
A nasal care with sesame, orange and lemon oils that treats and prevents nasal irritation for prolonged rehydration of the dry and irritated nasal mucosa in any season.

Gelo products are available in pharmacies and drugstores.