Spécialiste des compléments alimentaires et cosmétiques bio depuis plus de 40 ans
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With over 25 years of expertise, Phyto-Actif offers a complete range of completely natural and organic food supplements and drinks, made in France, to provide you the most accurate and effective response to preserve and maintain your health and well-being everyday.
Rigorously selected plants and essential oils are used to formulate our food supplements. Their 100% natural and powerful molecules act in synch with the physiology of the human body.
Phyto-Actif natural and organic food supplements have gradually become key references in organic and dietetic shops.


Phyto-Actif helps you recharge your batteries and boost your vitality all year long thanks to the largest range of organic Acerola on the market. Laboratoire Phyto-Actif was the first one to market a vitamin C from natural origin in France with its product Acérola Plus 500. With 500mg of vitamin C and a delicious taste of red fruits “the small yellow box” has become a must in organic and dietetic food stores.


Natural and organic food supplements coupled with a healthy lifestyle are the boost which will help you restore your vitality and serenity and optimize your well-being despite a modern lifestyle and diet (Digestion, transit, menstrual cycle, serenity, memory).
Phyto Actif offers natural and organic efficient solutions to preserve and maintain your well-being.


70% of our natural defenses are located in our intestinal flora. The flora acts as a preliminary barrier against external aggressions. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms which colonize the intestinal and vaginal flora. Probiotics play an essential role for our health and are the primary barriers of immune defense. Strengthen your intestinal and general well-being with Probiotil probiotics and prebiotics.
Stimulate your natural defenses as well thanks to Bactéar, our 100% natural solution formulated with vegetable oils and essential oils.


Increase your resistance and vitality with the amazing power of our Ecocert Contrôle certified Spirulina and Chlorella and boast your immune system.
Phyto-Actif Chlorella and Spirulina, one of the highest concentration in phycociane, contain a large number of phytovitamins and phytonutrients such as beta carotene and vitamin B12 which contribute to the reduction of fatigue and help the normal function of the immune system. They are also a good supplement for people who work out, vegetarians and the elderly thanks to their rich vegetable protein content (+ than 60%).


Circulatory and joint disorders? Muscular pain? Thanks to essential oils and plant extracts, discover natural solutions to fight against these discomforts and move freely again. Try red wine phials against circulatory disorders: rich in flavonoids, they contribute to protect blood vessels and stimulateblood circulation which improve venous return. try Harpagophytum and Meadowsweet phials and Ostear products against joint disorders and improve your flexibility and agility !


Discover Fresh By Nature, a range of refreshing organic beverages with birch sap that are full of antioxidants and rich in iron and vitamin C for an intense hydration and an extra punch for the body.

Birch sap is harvested every year in Spring. This natural nectar, which is hydrating and rich in minerals and bio available trace elements has exceptional properties for the body. Birch sap is known for its diuretic and draining properties that improve the functions of elimination and regenerates and revitalizes the body.

Phyto-Actif products are available in pharmacies, drugstores, organic shops and on http://www.phyto-actif.com/en/