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SIKEN® FORM, is a reference in protein diets. It offers people who want to lose weight or who just want to maintain their nutritional well-being specific solutions that meet the needs of the greatest number of people.
The dietline® method was specifically developed to help you lose or maintain your weight. It is a nutritional program based on the combination of preparations rich in proteins in combination with a varied and balanced diet. By following the dietline® method, not only will you gradually develop good eating habits, but this diet will also be a pleasure to follow.

SIKEN® TIME To stay fit on a daily basis, Siken offers a wide range of sweet and savory snacks to complete SikenTime products. Healthy and convenient, you can consume them throughout the day.

SIKEN® 100% VEGETABLE PROTEIN, a wide range of drinks, smoothies and vegetable bars rich in100% vegetable protein, fiber, low in sugar for a balanced vegan diet every day.
Siken Vegetal drinks and snacks are based on pea and rice proteins and are a concentrate of super-foods (quinoa, hemp, spirulina). They contains the bare essentials: they are dairy-free, free from soy-based ingredients or gluten and contain vegetables, fruits, cereals and seeds which were carefully selected.

SIKEN® FORM and SIKEN® 100% VEGETABLE PROTEIN products are available in pharmacies and on www.dietskn.com