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An essential and effective solution against mosquitoes and other insects.
MoustiCare® offers a range of natural repellents with proven efficiency exclusively formulated with purified extracts made from Eucalyptus citriodora (PMDRBO) and Cymbopogon (geraniol)., MoustiCare® products are non-toxic, contain no alcohol and no gas and protect effectively against mosquitoes (including tiger mosquito and Zika virus) and other European and tropical insects. The MoustiCare® range is suitable for the whole family.
The wide range of MoustiCare® natural products can treat, protect and relieve the entire family and your home safely and in all circumstances thanks to their practical and portable formats.

– PROTECT : I protect my skin and my clothes from mosquitoes and other insects with anti-mosquito sprays, bracelets, roll-on and wipes.

– TREAT : I treat my house and my garden to repel and eliminate larvae, mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to the anti-larval and anti-mosquito concentrate, the room spray and the anti-mosquito diffuser softly scented with a summer fragrance.

– RELIEF : I quickly relieve insect and plant bites thanks to the after-bite roll-on formulated with organic essential oils known and recommended for their calming, soothing, antiseptic and softening effects.

MoustiCare® products are available in pharmacies, drugstores, organic shops and on http://www.esenka.fr/uk/